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Android Battery Saver Greenify now Works on Unrooted Phones

Greenify is on the most popular among the Android Battery Saver apps. The developers of “Greenify” decided to widen its users, whether they are Rooted Android users or Un-Rooted. Freenify, which was firstly initiated for Rooted devices is now Supporting un-rooted devices as well. The recent update released on January 12, 2014. If you aren’t familiar with “Greenify” then have a quick review f it.

Greenify: Android Battery Saver

This Android Battery Saver app is the best rooted and Best Android Utility app in 2013. This user-friendly app helps you to indentify which app you aren’t using for long time and stop them. 2.0 version is exceptionally or un-rooted devices, but its Auto-Hibernation needs Root due to license restriction. In Un-rooted mode use “Hibernate all” shortcut for convenience. There are many apps that run into the background and soak enormous juice, whereas this app allows you to save your phone’s battery without closing apps.

Greenify-Android-Allows-you-to-Save-Extensive-Battery-Its-Top-Rated-Android-Battery-Saver -app

Greenify for Android Allows you to Save Extensive Battery, Its Top Rated Android Battery Saver App

The prior version required rooted device only, on the other hand, there were many users who weren’t able to utilize this app. However, there is couple of minor limitations that un-rooted Android user won’t avail; un-rooted users won’t be able to utilize “Automatic Hibernation” mode either. The app is too easy to use, just download it for free and save your phone’s battery juice.


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