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Hello Guys! We are back again with the review of the day. Today, we’re gonna talk about Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. Before moving to its Hands-On review, let’s snappy check its fundamental specifications then we’ll move towards the details. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Smartphone features a 4-inch display along with 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS. The Galaxy Ace 3 is the mid-range cell phone in the Galaxy lineup. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is slightly expensive than Moto G, however, the Moto G phone lacks 4G support whereas the Galaxy Ace 3 is supporting 4G. There are only few reasons to buy Galaxy Ace 3 than Moto G.

 Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Design and Display:

Samsung Galaxy_Ace 3 Features_4-inch_Android_Phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Features 4-inch Android Phone

The glossy plastic body is the significant part of the Galaxy lineup. The external look of Galaxy Ace 3 is very similar like Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini. Next to the headphone jack, there is Micro SIM & SD Card slot. On the back of the phone there is a tiny speaker, camera and LED flash. The Ace 3 weighs 120g which is lighter than the Moto G. The overall body is slimmer and thick than Moto G. The cheap plastic body is little uncomfortable if you’re style conscious. On the other hand, Ace 3 proves a cheap and good-looking phone.

Like HTC Desire 500, Samsung Galaxy Ace 3has 480×800 resolution screen with 233 ppi. Both Smartphones go the less resolution display than Moto G which features 1280×720 pixel resolution display. The colors are vibrant, so it’s a nice experience to watch movies on it. You can adjust maximum screen brightness which is useful for outdoor use the reflection won’t disturb you.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Software:

The Ace 3 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS along with TouchWiz UI. No doubt the OS isn’t new now, but the new Android 4.4 KitKat update won’t release very soon for this device. Ace 3 didn’t adopt the best Android jelly Bean features very well. You get the access of Google Play and the standard 2 homescreens, but there isn’t any app folder at the bottom of the screen. Samsung added some unique features for those users who wish to get some Tech savvy features. The significant feature is Easy Mode homescreen that added the camera UI, bigger icons and some third party apps.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Storage and Apps:

The internal memory of Ace 3 is 8 GB, but you’ll get the free 5GB which is for sure isn’t ample for your need. The additional software will definitely eat the internal memory. In this case the cloud storage is quite enough for you. There is a Micro SD card to quickly expand the built-in memory simultaneously. The built-in apps are including with ChatON, Game Hub, Samsung’s App Store, S Planner, S Translator and S Voice. Moreover, other Google’s built-in apps are Play Newsstand, Play Movies & TV, Gmail and yes Google App Store.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Hardware & Performance:

The Ace 3 is powered by 1.2GHz dual-core processor along with 1GB of RAM. The navigations are easy on it, but the demanding graphically games and app may glitch on it. If compare to HTC Desire 500 which runs on Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 Processor then the Ace 3 lacks best performance. However, the gaming experience is fine on it.


Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Camera UI and Added Features

The built-in Camera UI is such admirable feature. It has 5-megapixel camera with LED flash plus autofocus. The front-face camera got 0.3megapixel VGA; the front-face camera gives grainy look  which is better for video call. These features are reasonable under $300, so what you think about Ace 3?

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